Monday, October 20, 2014

Wimpy’s Burgers New Delhi

All right, this one is about Wimpy’s at Delhi. Now Delhi and Gurgaon seem to be going through a transformation and have hit upon the phase of cafes. And there are joints every here and there wich serve burgers. But there are some things which just are the originls and the basics. These are the classics. They have existed when no one else existed. Wimpy’s and Nirula’s to me are those classics. Much before Mcdonalds came to India. There are memories of growing up in Delhi and going to these outlets and hanging out.

Unfortunately, Wimpy’s  is now limited to a very few places. The only one that I am aware of is one at Hauz Khas- at Aurbindo Market. If you are driving from Essex farms or IIT and driving on the road to AIIMs, on your left is the Aurbindo Place Market. The road next to this market leads to Hauz Khas Village.
Now it’s a basic takeaway outlet and there is some casual outdoor seating. The menu is limited and I usually opt for the lamb burgers here. They have a hamburger- which is a lamb burger of smaller size, and the maxi burger is the same burger, but bigger size. I usually go for the double maxi burger.

Now the burger itself is very basic and simple, and perhaps this why I love it. No riff raffs like the new cafes and gourmet bugers. It doesn’t boast anything other than two lamb patties, which are juicy and with cabbage, and mayonnaise and a cheese slice. That’s it. Perfectly simply. You get to relish the juicy patty, its beautiful. I don’t know if it’s the simplicity or the memories of growing up, but I just love the burgers at Wimpy’s.  other fare includes the fish burgers, chicken nuggets and chicken burgers. They do serve pizzas as well. However for me, it is as simple as going for the double maxi burger.

31, Aurobindo Place Market, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

011 26512763

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