Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eat @ Joes, Gurgaon

All right. This one is about a place which I would term undoubtedly an euphoric find. To give you a background, I was back home in Gurgaon for one whole month this year. And as always with the good times, I was meeting a lot many friends and discovering many new places. It was the foodie trail. And across most of these visits, I was just impressed with Gurgaon. Boy, it has changed. The café culture seemed to have hit the wild wild west. Now it seems like the renaissance in Gurgaon, when the crowds are only after continental and world cuisine. The craze for anything that is not Indian. Andy hence we have cafes mushrooming out at every nook and corner, with stereotyped décor with Lennon and Marley on he wall, tobasco and barbeque sauce at every table. While this satisfied the palate of the locals who have been used to tikkas and chaat and Chinese, or of expats who do come in, I unfortunately was hard to please. But this review is not about the bricks in the wall that remained there insignificantly, his one is about the brick from the shawshank redemption.

For quite a few days I had been craving for a lamb burger and hot dog. Specially the hot dog- I was on the verge of hallucinating. Well, this is when I went over to cross point mall and went to Eat @ Joes. Now Eat@ Joes was  small little shop. Unknowingly in the past, I had gone past it quite a few times and hadn’t really discovered this one. But this time, I did go in. It’s the all American diner. The menu is simple and straight forward, sandwiches, shakes, hotdogs, burger, fries.  

Well, I simply went into the section for hot dogs, and there were a few options. Simple and basic hot dog with  honey mustard and sweet relish. There is another version with the cheese. The top of class is the chicken hot dog, with Mexican lamb chilli and cheese. Now this is the one which I went for. All these years abroad, I was struggling to find good Continental fare in Gurgaon. Second, all these years abroad and I still didn’t eat beef and pork, so the craving for hot dogs is usually very high. In fact I was  telling my friend that this is the beauty of India, it is only here you can get versions of chicken hot dogs which are smoked and  juicy, and lamb mince which recreates the essence which is unparalleled.

The hotdogs when it arrived, let me tell you, it looked amazing. It looked like a boat, with a sausage and topped with a blankets of lamb mince and topped with cheese which was molten. Unbelievable.  One bite and it was heaven. Just blissful and heaven. I am serious. This was stunning and unbelievable. The quality of sausage was wow- smoked and juicy. The mince was well cooked. The hotdog breads were buttered. I cant tell you how awesome it was. After many years, I felt excited to have had something so delicious. In fact I was after a few hours till late in the night having a big grin.  Highly recommended. It comes with fries and jalapenos and this I think is the best dish.

The lamb burger is the next one on the line, which  I tried in the same place in my second visit. Yes, so good it was that I came for the second time in the same visit. The lamb burger is the next one which I tried here. This one has an option with one patty or two patties. I settled for the lamb burger with two patties.  Now this burger again, is out of the world.  A big burger with fresh lettuce, two juicy char grilled lamb patties, mayonnaise, caramelize onions. One bite and you know this has hit the spot. Off late, I did try the lamb burger at a few times, in Gurgaon and I am telling you, this was by far the best one I have had. The taste is intoxicating slightly burnt, mixed with the sauces, jalapenos and the juicy patty. Loved it. The fries and the burger, lovely. Again highly recommended. I loved the burger, and its quite a mouthful. 

The nearby café Delhi Heights and Joint Café boasts of a lamb burger, but in my humble opinion, this one is miles ahead and better.  For the love of burgers and for people who know what it means to dig into a lamb burger patty with that unique lamb flavor, which has a mild fragrance, and juiciness.  I am not one of those who like a very strong lamb fragrance, due to the fact that we have grown up I India eating goats, but then in India, you can find a juicy mince lamb patty with a fragrance and all the taste. So, yes, please go for the burger for sure.

The other thing I have tried here is the cheese lettuce tomato sandwich, which again is good. The fries here are crispy and great.  The owner of this joint is a nice gentleman, with whom I did catch up and chat. He has studied in Perth and stayed in US as well.  

All in all, a highly recommended café and I love this outlet.In fact this has been one of my favorite joints now.  I am still looking forward to visiting this café again in my next visit.
Shop no. 115, Crosspoint Mall, DLF Phase 4 Gurgaon 
+91 124-4141444

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