Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mosaic@ Westin Sydney

All right this one is about the breakfast experience in Sydney. All these years in Sydney and the craving for a lavish breakfast and lack of brekkie culture always made me wish for more. I went far away to other towns on holidays to get the brekkie experience. From Gold Coast to Melbourne, Coffs Harbor to Narooma, I go to cafes and love the breakfast and just wonder when I will get that similar experience in Sydney. In some ways I am envious of Melbourne which  has a much better cafĂ© culture and breakfasts. However, there is one place in Sydney, which beats it all. Mosaic @Hotel Westin. Today was my second visit and I must tell you, it is one of those rare places in Australia which has matched my expectations of class and luxury.
Mosaic is situated in the city, on George street, at the Westin Hotel next to the GPO building. As you enter through the reception of Westin and go to Level 1, there is an outdoor seating, with the breakfast spread. Once you are seated, you can savor the views of the heritage building of the General Post Office,  look through the glass ceiling into the bright sun streaming down along the tall clock tower. The ambience is exquisite, with soft music playing in the background. Just immaculate.

The spread for the buffet is quite vast. You have the fresh fruits, museli, corn flakes and an entire spread and variety of flakes that go with the milk. Now I am not a person who does milk or corn flakes, so lets move to the next section. There is an entire spread of cold meats, salmon and cheese. For me, it was simply the turkey slices and the Swiss cheese to start off with. The juices had apple, guava, pineapple and orange. Then there was the carrot ginger palate cleanser in the little shot glasses. There was the banana smoothie and the watermelon punch was quite refreshing on a warm Friday morning. There was an array of breads, along with the toaster, croissants, bagels . An array of jams and spreads, vegemite, butter, peanut butter.

The main stuff was the hot section. This is where we had the veal sausages and bacon- which was out of scope for me. However, what does work for me and what I have only seen here in Sydney across Australia is the turkey bacon and the turkey sausages, which are awesome and lovely. The scrambled eggs and poached eggs, eggs hollandaise are again great. The array continue to steamed and light beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, diced potatoes grilled, baked beans. The counter has two chefs making omelet’s as per your order. Make your selection from onions, capsicum cheese or ham and get a fresh omelet made.  Personally I found the omelet a bit too bland to my taste.
The pastries and cakes had a good selections of almond biscotti’s, Danish, cup cakes and all. This section was again lovely. Really delicious cakes and sweet breads.

All in all a lovely experience. The food spread is pretty good, the ambience and the set up are outstanding, the service is impeccable.  The food quality is great. I will really recommend going for this breakfast buffet. The buffet costs$42, which is on the higher side, but if you look at the deal, I think its pretty good. Go for it guys. Enjoy it. Every time I come here for breakfast, Igo out with a food induced coma. It’s called indulgence.

Level 1, 1 Martin Place Sydney, NSW 2000 · Australia

Phone: +61 2 8223.1110     Email:

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