Monday, December 8, 2014

Murray Brewery and Port Stephen Winery

All right, if you are travelling from Sydney to Port Stephens, one you are off the highway, it is not easy to miss the big banner for the Port Stephens Winery. As you enter the winery, and make it to the reception, it is the Murray's Brewery for beer and the Port Stephens Winery. Coincidentally, I had been here  few years back, in a bus tour to Port Stephens. I remembered this place too well for its fantastic fish and chips. This time, some one told me to look out for Murray's brewery and I was overjoyed upon arrival to realize it was the same place.

Big area with lawns for the family, another outside seating with barrels as tables and then the main area with a white canopy and tables underneath. Coming around in December, there was a festive spirit in the air. Big groups of families and friends partying. The bar was decorated with Christmas trees and Santa hats. The white canopy had big tables reserved with the Christmas spread. Live music made it even better.

Well, we were starving and decided to quickly dig into the food. The menu had a lot of options, but knowing me, it was more about trying out a few dishes, although I do get carried away and over ambitious at times. I started with the chicken wings for starters. What was interesting is that most of the food here had beer or wine in some form or the other. Be it the golden ale which is used in the pizza crust to lighten it, the beer BBQ sauce, or the battered fish. Well I simply ordered the chicken wings, the fish and chips and the Punch and Judy’s Pizza.

Let’s start with the chicken wings. Very very crispy and crunchy. It was served in a small steel bucket, along with a chipotle BBQ Sauce. The sauce was overwhelming. A very dark brown thick sauce. One dip and you realized, that the sauce had a dark mysterious enchanting smoky flavor. I tend to make it sound mystical, but well this chicken wings and the sauce was legendary. I have had chicken wings, and I loved this one, due to the crunch, but the smoky flavor of the sauce was too good to be true. One small tub had about 9 or pieces.

Next came the fish and chips. The fish was battered with the whale ale, and served in a wooden tray with crispy pieces of the fish. This fish is undoubtedly one of the best and the same as I had a few years back. Very crispy. Served with shoe string fries and two dips, one of tartare sauce and the other was a green one- which I believe was for mushy peas. Very tasty again and I would love to come back here again for the fish and chips.

The Punch and Judy Pizza, was the tandoori chicken pizza, with avocado, rocket, jalapenos and yogurt. Now yougurt was an interesting twist, but this woodfired pizza was yum and it was full of fresh ingredients. I loved the pizza. 

A word of advise, the portion are quite generous. The pizza was huge and so were the 

All the three dishes were really really good and I would highly recommend this as a must stop for all travelers. The bar was decorated for Christmas. The festive spirit, and the live music, just made it a perfect stop over.

Phone: 02 4982 6411
3443 Nelson Bay Rd, Bobs Farm NSW 2316

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