Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Guruji Indian Store Samosa, Christchurch

All right, this is a bit of a different review. I usually write about food joints and so, you may wonder, how come I write a review about the Indian Store. Well, we were in Christchurch, about to commence with our 10 day tour across the south island on a self drive itinerary. Now I would highly suggest and recommend to stock up the supplies at Christchurch itself before you embark on the journey ahead. Being of Indian origin, we did want to stock up indian supplies and I suspected there wouldn’t be too many options in most of NZ. In fact, not just South Island , but even in Christchurch, there are very few Indian stores in Christchurch.  Guruji is one of the big ones.

Well along with regular groceries, the thing that makes me write this review is the snacks at this store. Well, it was morning 11 aprox and a fresh load of samosas had come over. The special samosa was the corn and cheese samosa. Well, these freshly fried samosas with a load of cottage cheese and sweet corn, was simply out of the world. The shop also serves masala tea. Tell you the truth, we had an awesome breakfast by the car in the parking with masala tea and the samosa’s. The samosas were so good that we went in for a second round followed by another round packed for the route.

Highly recommended.

1/103 Gasson St Sydenham, Christchurch, NZ
Postcode: 8023
Phone: 03 374 5222
Fax: 03 374 5221
Mobile: 021 617 352
Store hours: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm Open 7 Days


  1. Indian people always choose Indian food in lunch and dinner time. this is nice information.

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  3. Yes, this is really very nice when you find your delicious Indian Snacks (Samosa and Masala Tea) in Christchurch or any part of New Zealand.
    GuruJi Indian Store is the best option for all Indians and other Asians living in Christchurch.

  4. True, one of the best place for samosa lover