Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pedro’s House Lamb, Queenstown, New Zealand

The jewel of Queenstown is the single menu takeaway joint- Pedro’s House of Lamb. Situated on Gorge Road, this place is wow. I had heard so much about this place, that this was on my wishlist. In fact I came in the morning to buy groceries to the fresh world and realized, this was just opposite. 
This place is a simple outlet, with just takeaway. Their specialty and the only item on their menu- Lamb shoulder, slow cooked and baked. As I drove in the evening, luckily there wasn’t too much of a rush and may be I was a bit early.  It’s a pretty shop with great tiles and colors for interiors. As you order, there are aluminum baking trays which is loaded with a whole lamb shoulder from the oven.  It is served with garlic, rosemary and scalloped potatoes. Once the  lamb along with the potatoes are served on the tray, its topped with some of the stock or the lamb juice, and then sealed with the cover. It is then put into a cardboard carton with newspaper and provided for the car.
As we head back to our room at Earnslaw Lodge, with a room having a view overlooking the enormous Lake Wakitipu, the sun setting behind the mountains, it couldn’t be a better and perfect set up for us to open the lamb. We bought a cheese batana and sliced it, toasted it and served with butter and the lamb. Perfect. Now the lamb was well, amazing. 
It was gently roasted on the top, crispy, and as you dig in, you would just be surprised at house gently the knife glides into the lamb. It is unbelievably soft. Now I  am at times concerned with a very strong flavor of the lamb which does not do good with me, but this one was well without the strong flavor. There was a lamb flavor, but it wasn’t too strong and blended well with the potato and garlic. Soft portions of the meat with some fat and and great flavors. I was impressed with the lamb shoulder, the softness, the well mixed combination with the garlic and potatoes. The bread with the butter and lamb was great. All in all, loved it. I would highly recommend this joint and it gets a full 5 on 5 from me. Value is great. Lamb shoulder for $40, not bad. Quantity is enormous. They say it is good for 2, but ask me, Id say for 3-4 people. We couldn't finish the entire amount, so packed it and had it for lunch next day at Mount Cook.
All in all, Id say the best lamb shoulder I have ever had and highly recommended.

47, Gorge Road, Queenstown, New Zealand 

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