Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trailer Sixty 6, Garston, New Zealand

All right, this one is about a food truck in Garston, New Zealand. We had started from Lake Wanaka, driven through the Cardona Range, by the sides of Lake Wakitipu, towards Te Anau. On the way, we came across a small little village – Garston, which had the famous Honey Shop. While I write separately about the Honey Shop, I was hungry and after visiting the honey shopped, I inquired if there was any food and I was asked to go to the food truck right next to the shop outside. Well there was a nice little space with flags of hot food, a shiny steel silver truck and perfect New Zealand pure air with a scent of flowers. 

The menu was limited, as it was a food truck. There was bacon and egg roll, salmon and cream cheese in a bagel, cheese burger, lamb burger, basil chicken, the monster burger and American style hot dog. In the drinks you can order a wide array of coffee’s and teas. Now when we came in the chicken was sold out, pork and beef out of scope for me. The one thing which I wanted and I had been craving for was the Lamb Burger.  The lamb burger was served in a short while. I usually ask for mustard, but the young lady who runs the truck indicated I may not like it, considering that the burger had tzatiki. When the burger was served, oh, it was love at first sight. Just like in the movie, Kumar and Harold, Kumar dances with the big bag of weed, I was euphoric and emotional seeing this lamb burger, my first in New Zealand and all nervous how it would be. 
The buns looked perfect, the patties was a large thick one. It was much bigger than my mouth could open, yet, I gave it all my love. The big bite. The burger was wow. Very yum. It had parmesan cheese, a good fried patty, tzatziki and rocket. The taste of tzatziki was wow, which mixed with the burger was unbelievable. The lamb patty was good. There is one particular taste which I did miss in the lamb. The lamb patties was a bit bland, but then the taste with the tzatziki and parmesan cheese was really wow. All in all, I loved it and hence this blog. Highly recommended. I did speak to the young couple who were cooking and it seems they had come over from Scotland and were travelling and working for the last two years in NZ. The young lady who was running the truck was also quite friendly and mentioned, she had also stayed many years back in Australia in Woolongong.
All in all, if you are driving by Garston, you cant afford to miss this food truck.

SH 6, Garston, New Zealand

+64 210 243 0699

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