Monday, April 6, 2015

Harry’s Café De Wheels

Now this is Sydney’s classic. My first tryst with Harry’s Pies was way back in 2009, when a friend took me over to Harry’s saying this is the true Aussie meal. Back then I didn’t have an appreciation of pies. But over the years, if there is anything which I have loved in Australia, it is the pies. And to top it all is Harry’s Pies in Sydney. Initially I had gone to the one next to Capitol Theater in the city. The regular order was the chicken and mushroom pie. 

The pie served with ketchup as it is, is anyways the regular. But then when you go to Harry’s , order the tiger. It comes served with one of harry’s fresh pies, topped with mashed potatoes, followed by peas and then topped with gravy. This is just yum. The tower, or the stack or as Harry’s calls it- the tiger.  There are other combinations such as simply the pie and ketchup, pie and peas, pie and mash.

There many locations now. There is the one at Capitol Theater in the city. Next there is one at Woolloomolloo, next to the naval base and the Blu O hotel. This is the original Harry’s Pie Café de Wheels, from way back 1930’s.

The latest one I have covered is the one at Strathfield on Parramatta Road. The chicken an mushroom gravy is yum, but try the curry chicken Pie and it is amazing. My favourite.
If you are at Harry’s you get a chance to look the pictures of all the celebrities who have visited harry’s and it is quite a vast range. From sportsmen to Hollywood stars quite a diverse range of celebrity pics. Now, you get a choice to also have the pasties with pies and mince, hotdogs. And to gulp all of it down, try the thick milkshakes. I have tried the caramel one, to be onest, the chocolate one is my favorite.
Most pies are about $5 abd the tigers are $7.50.

Corner Cowper Wharf Roadway & Brougham Road, Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011
374 Parramatta Rd, Burwood, NSW 2134
Hay Street (near crn of George), Outside Entrance of Capitol Square Shopping Centre – Next to Paddy Maguires Pub, Haymarket, NSW 2000

Harry's Cafe de Wheels on Urbanspoon

Harry's Cafe de Wheels on Urbanspoon

Harry's Cafe de Wheels on Urbanspoon

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