Thursday, May 28, 2015

Montague Coffee, Narooma

 Just a few steps ahead of the Ice Creamery Café on Princes Highway is the Montague Coffee. Now this is a simple and specialized coffee shop and they are renowned for coffee. They are small specialized boutique coffee roasting shop. They source their coffee beans from different locations. A number of different blends sourced for different coffee beans, and roast the coffee beans.

I initially went it looking for proper hot breakfast, but unfortunately,  I was looking at the wrong place. The montague café does have some basic food on display- which consists of cakes, pastries and sandwiches. I ended up having my breakfast at the ice creamery café down the street and then returned back to have my coffee here. The decors are very comfy and cosy. One room has all the bean jute bags hanging on top and couches. The main room of the shop has basic café chairs, the coffee counters. There are a couple of seating options outside on the pavement. They also have closed cute open air garden.
I ordered for the cappuccino, and an ice cream banana chocolate milkshake. The coffee was great. I am not the greatest specialist connoisseur for coffee, but I do know coffee to extent to like the right blend. For instance, in Sydney, I would  only stick to a few places for coffee which would include campos. I would hate the coffee at most other places. The one at Narooma, at the Montague Coffee had a good flavorsome coffee and I definitely liked it. I would recommend it.
The banana chocolate ice cream shake was again good. Good, creamy with ice cream and bananas blended with chocolate syrup. Very good again.
This is a specialty joint which focuses pure and simple on coffee. If you are a coffee lover, I am sure you will love it.

Montague Coffee Roasters
2/40 Princes Highway
Narooma, NSW 2546
02 4405 9523 or 0401798357

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