Thursday, May 28, 2015

Quarter Deck Café, Narooma

All right, this one is about Quarter Deck café, which is again in Narooma and based out on the  street overlooking the Wagonga Bay. The waters are calm and quiet. Very colorful shack kind of a building. As we head in for breakfast, there is a passage with lot of fishing rods on the ceiling above decorated, whereas on the left and right walls, a number of face masks kind of artifacts decorated.
As we head in, there is tall well-built gentleman, presumably the owner, who greets us and take then directs one of the waitress to seat us at the best possible seats by the window. Dressed in a  casual Hawaiian shirt, the owner, quite  jovial, friendly and makes you feel comfortable. The interiors of the cafe is that of a fishing cafe, with anchors, nets, and other artifacts making it look wonderful, cozy and like a fishing shack. As we settled in, and looked at the menu, we wondered what to do for breakfast. In some ways, all my craving something new in breakfast is now dying out, as invariably we get the mushrooms, hash brown, fried eggs and bread with spinach and grilled tomatoes. So this has now become the most basic vego brekkie which I get.Luckily, in he mood to try something new, I ordered the Mexican Corn Fritters. The other dish we order for breakfast is the eggs Florentine. Order a cappuccino and wet chai latte. Wait for a little while and the dishes get served.
The eggs Florentine is good. Two poached eggs on local spelt toast with spinach and topped with hollandaise sauce. This is a classic and the dish was well done. I liked it.  I did require a little salt and pepper to my taste, but fantastic. I liked it.

The Mexican corn fritters were very yum. Served with sour cream and avocado, rocket leaves and tomato salsa. This was again, very delicious. It reminded me of the Indian pakoda’s. corn fritters, well fried, crunchy on the top and with corn inside, went well with the avocado and sour cream. I loved this dish and highly recommended.
The coffee was great as well. Liked it.

Once we finished our breakfast, I went to settle the bill. The lady at the reception gave us two small portions of fish feed and mentioned that we can go down the small little aisle over the water into the deep end and feed the fish there. The aisle or the small jetty, which runs down from outside the restaurant into the deep water, and where seaplanes and boats dock, we went there. Feeding the fish was fun. As such, the water was clear with just some plants inside the water, and fishes were no where to be seen, but as soon as we dropped the feed into the water, a swarm of fishes appeared from nowhere briefly and then disappeared.

As we were leaving, the owner came up, chatted, thanked us and in a caring way patted on the back and asked us to come back again. I liked this caring nature and hospitality and would surely be back here if I come to Narooma again.

Quarter Deck is famous for its views, the breakfast, lunch and tapas. They do great fish and chips, local fishes etc. they are not open for dinner usually, except for a few exceptions.

Quarter Deck Narooma
Riverside Drive
Narooma, New South Wales
(02) 4476 2723

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