Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sorriso Italian Restaurant, Narooma

All right, I had come to Narooma about 8 months back, and back then on our first night, we went to Sorriso for some great Italian food. Now the food was so great that I wanted to come back again and try it out. Usually, when I visit the same town or place again, I try to cover different restaurants, but its probably that good, that when I came again now with my family, I wanted to take them here again. Also the selfish motive of eating good food and taking pictures and being able to write this review because, last time I had no camera to take the clicks.

Now Narooma is a very small town which probably dies and sleps at 8 in the night. We head over to Sorriso at 7:30. A pretty restaurant with an entire wooden finish interiors, and a stone building from outside. It is usually very full. During the winters, there is a large fireplace which operates and makes the whole restaurant warm and cozy. There is also a open air seating on the rear of the restaurant. As we head in and settle down, the waitress greets us and provides the menu.

Knowing what to eat and also knowing that all the items don’t seem to be on the menu. Now this is authentic Italian restaurant and they do write on their menu that the pizza’s are not about toppings etc, but more about flavors and striking the right balance. Most of the menu items involve pork, which I cant have. And I am not too much of a fish person as well.
The waitress does inform us of the specials for the day, a local swordfish, and also of linguine pasta.
So I order for a pollo risotto or the chicken risotto with napolitana cream and mushrooms. The pizza is a chicken mushroom pizza. I also order for a a chicken main course which has chicken breasts pan fried in garlic white wine creamy sauce.
The food arrives shortly.
Let’s start with the chicken risotto. Now I have had risottos and I don’t like them too much usually. Being an Indian, mush used to rice and chicken in different forms, I am usually not too much of a fsan of the risotto. Usually I find the risotto too hick a rice and gooey for my liking. Howveer, the chicken risotto here, is something that I love. Small chicken breast chunks of cubes, mixed with rice and in napolitana sauce and cream, makes its extremely delicious. The napolitana sauce gives the risotto an orange color. The mushrooms and chicken topped with parsley. The flavors are good, and I like this dish very much. One of the very few places where I would go for a risotto. The presentation of the dish is also very good.

Next the chicken main course, has the chicken breasts pan fried, with a garlic, white wine creamy sauce. This dish is wow to look at when it is served. The chicken breasts are flattened, pan fried, stacked and then on top there is a very creamy white glazed sauce. The sauce  also has butter fried mushroom slices. The sauce oozes and falls over all of it, and topped with some spring onions or shallots.  On the side there is a small portion of red cabbage and a small bowl with boiled and roasted potatoes cucmber, beans and carrot. Now the dish has very good flavor. Its balanced., the sauce is extremely creamy and yummy. The chicken is soft and matches very well with the sauce and the mushrooms. I loved this dish. Presentation, flavour’s, taste all full marks from me. All I would add to this dish is a little bit more salt and pepper.

Next we came the Pizza. We had ordered for a chicken pizza with mushrooms and olives. The pizza served on a wooden tray, looked gorgeous. Thin crusted, and well baked, all I can say is that this is one of the good pizza’s I have had. I mean, the balance of the flavors, the freshness of the ingredients, all call out. The pizza, with the pizza sauce base, the great flavorsome cheese, the mushrooms, and chicken. Its wow. I wouldn’t harp on and on, but I would highly recommend the pizza here. You can get a pizza everywhere, but to have a pizza so well cooked to perfection, and with such a great blend. It seems it is very meticulously cooked to perfection. Its immaculate and scientific. The cheese is so flavorsome. The thin crust, delicious pizza base and the toppings, all in harmony.

All in all a great dinner. Let me tell you, I am usually not a too much of a person for Italian food, but I love this joint in Narooma and I would surely visit here again. Highly recommended from my end.
Sorisso Italian
2546, 107 Campbell Street, Narooma NSW 2546

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