Tuesday, September 22, 2015

3 Olives, Greek and Mediterranean Tavena, Newtown

All right, this one is about our search for Lamb. Slow cooked Lamb. This was our second visit to this place and trust me, its wow. 3 olives is on King Street, right when you come out of the station and start walking to the left, it’s on the right hand side of the road.

In both instances of our visit, I had visited this place after a visit to Bench for some live music, cheese platter and some red.  3 olives specializes in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s a small little shop, got a bit of a patio on the outside with some comfy couches and a heater. Inside, there is proper and regular seating. Well, let’s get onto it. There are banquet options and then there is a la carte.

We have always ordered for the banquet. There is a Meat tavern and the other one is the Seafood Taverna. We went in for the meat tavern. It starts off with the Greek salad. Fresh and with the salty feta. Next comes the trio of three dips. The eggplant dip, the fish eggs dip and Tzatziki dip. It comes with warms slightly pan fried pita bread. Again great. You will love this one. Next comes the haloumi. The haloumi, simple pan fried reminds me of fried paneer, except it’s more salty and a slight little bit chewier. Pretty good again. The homemade cheese filo parcels are heavenly and divine.  Flaky pastry filled with cheese, all molten and fresh. Words fail me to tell you how divine these pastries are. Next comes the vine leaves stuffed with rice. To be honest, I am not really fascinated by this one.

Next comes the main course. From my perspective, I usually tell them that no beef and no pork for me. So the Greek Beef burgers or the Kefthes and the Chorizo are ruled out for me. So, it’s basically extra chicken souvlaki and the specialty of this place- the slow cooked lamb.

The chicken Souvlaki, it’s a beauty. I usually despise chicken souvlaki at most take away's as they are crumbed, fried and weird when you eat them. But NOT this one. This is one of the best Chicken souvlaki I have had. One that has reinstated the faith in me to go out and try chicken souvlaki again. Very juicy chicken on a skewer and slightly fried, with fresh herbs.  So simple Verdict- it’s great.

Next comes the lamb. The slow cooked lamb. Unlike other places which serve the entire lamb shoulder, this place serves smaller portions. This is one the best lambs I have had. Soft, inside and yet a bit crispy outside. The meat portions are delicate with a layers of fat, and beautiful. I am so passionate about the lamb they serve here. As I write, I just wish I could go back and have the lamb again.  I would only say- highly recommended- please do visit this joint and have the speciality of the Arni Kleftiko- the slow oven roasted lamb.

The banquet is quite a lot of food, so do bear in mind.

The other dish I have had hear is the moussaka. It’s a vegetarian version with egg plants and potato slices. Topped with delicious béchamel sauce and cheese, and the baked to perfection. Non I am not a fan of eggplant, but man, this dish is again out of the world. Cheesy, delicious, flavoursome. This is awesome.

In this one evening, we were also fortunate enough to see the Greek dance. Here we were on a Friday evening having a meal and suddenly the music started playing and then the owner and his wife started dancing and very soon all the others joined. They had this thing with the paper tissues which they used along with them in the dance. Lovely atmosphere and loved watching this dance. Do a lovely place and a lovely evening.

For Desserts, we have tried the Galatoboureko- which is a greek custoard in filo pastry along with honey. It comes up in  plate with ice cream, strwaberries and dusted cinnamon. The dessert, while it was highly recommended, I found it to be just average and not out of the world.

Instead, the turkish delight which they serve as complimentary at the end, is actually out of the world. It is so soft and fresh and fragrant. So much that whenever I visit, I request for an extra serve.

So much that I would suggest and recommend very much this place.

365 King Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW  

02 9557 7754

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