Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mezzadella's Woodfired Pizza, Berry

All right, this is my second post about Berry. This small little village, which I am totally in love with.  A small cute place which has its own charm. Lost in time, old architecture and boutique shops. Now in  one of my visits, thanks to the excessive long traffic queue due to the holiday period, we ended up reaching berry, just in time for the restaurant we wanted to eat at closed. Nonetheless, we wander around and I come across this small little door with the name Mezzadellas. Look at the menu and its all about wood fired pizza’s. Well there is an instant interest and I walk down a small narrow passage to open up into a wide restaurant.

It’s a nice little spot, a bit of rustic setting, and beautiful outside seating in the garden as well.  the décor is casual, with natural wooden textured tables on an iron frames and funky colorful plastic designer chairs. Plain white interiors ads to the charm and big window frames overlooking the garden seating.

Look into the menu and this in interesting. They do pizza’s – wood fired, the regular appetizers such as garlic breads, salads. But what makes it interesting is that they also do tapas.

I order the chicken skewers on the tapas. Its description reads, its marinated with coriander, cumin, white wine and oregano. This one is served on skewers along with some fat yellow rice, more like risotto rice, but not sticky and gooey as risotto. The chicken is a little bit charred and its really good. Really juicy, very delicious and flavoursome. The spice mix is incredible. When you have the rice, just by itself, it is a bit bland, but then you have it with the chicken. Its great. So, I loved it, and would love to have it again.

Next came the pizza’s. being a chicken lover, there were about just two options. Interestingly, there quite a few vegetarian options- which is quite a delight. I ordered the pizza called Taipan. This one has satay marinated chicken, along with onions, capsicums. The pizza when it came, was awesome. It looked bright and pretty with amazing red colours of the red capsicum, the green fresh coriander. There is sprinkled sesame seeds, cashew nuts. A very thin crust pizza, and tastes yum. Its got this hint of sweetness, I believe due to the pineapple chutney. Thin slices, and fresh. That’s the word. Fresh. When I ahd this pizza, it instantly reminded me of the pizza’s I had as a kid at home. Simple, fresh ingredients- a bit sweet, with fresh cheese. I liked the pizza here. I liked the pizza. Overall, I have had pizza’s at a number of places, and I will say I really liked the ingredients, the freshness – it’s a bit different.  

One large pizza served the three of us, although we were all mildly hungry as we had eaten some doughnuts before. But if you are wildly hungry, I’d say a large pizza would go for two people.

Will I visit again- most likely yes.                                          
Phone: 02 4464 2045
Shop 6, 97/99 Queen st. Berry. NSW 
Entrance on Alexandra st. Behind 'Pottering Around'

Mezzadellas Woodfired Pizza
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